Are you facing a challenge in bringing multiple parties together for an important project in the public domain? Are you encountering hot-button issues while executing a project, implementing a program or preparing for policy changes that will have a large impact on stakeholders throughout society? Has cooperation between parties come to a standstill? Are there so many stakeholders involved that you don't know where to start, who to give your attention to, and how to design an effective and transparent consultation process?

We welcome such challenges. We love assignments on complex issues affecting stakeholders throughout society, whether they stem from the public domain (federal and local government, state agencies, city and planning authorities, etc.) or from private sector initiatives that affect large groups in society. Our advisors have all earned their credits in a wide variety of assignments: from the planning of new ports to finding consensus on sustainable energy strategies; from complex spatial planning negotiations in large cities to cross-border projects around international rail and road connections; and from organizing the participation of citizens on strengthening water defenses in their neighborhood (levees) to assisting police and local government in mapping tensions in inner-city communities.

Our experts combine field expertise with knowledge of the latest tools and methods in stakeholder engagement and negotiation. They put your (project) goal at the heart of their analysis and identify and engage stakeholders based on the concrete issues stemming from this goal. Moving from a thorough stakeholder analysis to an effective stakeholder strategy is at the heart of our expertise. We offer advice in a variety of forms and provide services to help you professionalize stakeholder engagement throughout your organization. In addition, we share our knowledge and train your employees with inspiring training courses.

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