What does an organization need to be able to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and project partners? How 'stakeholder sensitive' does one need to be, and how does this work in daily practice? The SSE Organization Scan (in Dutch: SOM SCAN) shows what is needed to take your organization's stakeholder engagement to the next level. The SSE Organization Scan examines seven SSE factors:
1) shared value/vision
2) strategy
3) organizational structure
4) systems
5) leadership
6) profiles
7) organizational competencies

The SSE Organization Scan consists of three parts:

1. Assessment (situation 'as is')
We start with a kick-off meeting in which we introduce the organization to SSE and collect valuable input for the scan. Based on desk research, an online survey and interviews with management and employees, we then map out the current level of stakeholder engagement in the organization, subdivided into the seven SSE factors. The results of the assessment are shared during an interactive session with your staff, so that we can refine and enrich them.

2. Ambition (situation 'to be')
Depending on your professional sector and the current circumstances for your organization, we determine the ambition together with you: at what level should SSE be anchored on each of the seven factors in order to achieve your organizational goals? By involving your management and employees, we ensure that the ambition is realistic and that it can count on sufficient support from within the organization.

3. Improvement plan (from 'as is' to 'to be')
We work out an improvement plan that you and your employees use to grow a 'Built to Win' organization in a period to be determined together. In this period, stakeholder engagement is professionalised. We do not provide a lengthy report, but a concrete and workable step-by-step plan. We take into account your type of organization and organizational culture. Our knowledge of change management ensures that the proposed interventions suit your organization.