Our team consists of experienced and motivated consultants, who firmly grounded in the daily practice of stakeholder engagement. We offer strategic and practical advice and feel very comfortable with projects that have a large degree of complexity. We provide skilled stakeholder managers who quickly get up to speed. We help organizations to set up their stakeholder engagement in a professional manner and we transfer our experience and knowledge by training and coaching your employees.

Depending on the assignment and your wishes, we can act as an external consultant or as part of your team. After a thorough analysis of issues, stakeholders, and their interests, we offer an overview and insight into the playing field. This creates the peace of mind you require to be able to develop an effective stakeholder strategy that achieves maximum support and consensus. If desired, we can facilitate a stakeholder dialogue, a participation process, or help resolve a conflict. We also advise on drafting agreements or covenants that guarantee the long-term added value of the agreements for all parties.

Our consulting services include:
  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (SSE)
  • Facilitation of participation processes
  • Supervizing negotiations
  • Embedding SSE into the organization
  • Carrying out stakeholder analyses, mapping levels of interests, measuring levels of tension, measuring stakeholder support, facilitating joint fact finding
  • Drafting covenants and administrative agreements

To this end, we provide consultants, stakeholder managers, independent chairs, participation leaders, facilitators, researchers and supervisors.
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