We are proud to say that we offer the best training on Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (SSE). All our trainers are stakeholder engagement experts, who experience the rigors of practice on a daily basis. In our training courses, we work on the basis of the participants' individual cases and allow plenty of room for questions and sharing experiences. We use videos, games, and simulations, and participants actively participate in order to maximize the learning effect.

We offer open enrollment training in SSE as well as customized in-company training at all levels, from junior professionals to board members. Short introductions, workshops, inspiration sessions or side-events at conferences are also possible. Finally, we contribute to modules at several universities, including Leiden, Amsterdam and Groningen. In addition to training on SSE, we offer negotiation training for diplomats, civil servants and employees of international (non-profit) organizations through our Negotiation & Public Service network.
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