Organizations depend on their relationship with third parties for achieving their goals. Long-term trust and good collaboration with stakeholders are crucial when it comes to preventing problems, realizing projects on time and within budget, and building a good reputation. This is why employees need to start working in a more stakeholder-oriented way.

Doing so requires a different attitude, knowledge, and skills at several levels of the organization. We are curious to find out what the development needs of your organization look like, and how our training courses might fit in with your needs.

We offer one-day as well as multi-day learning trajectories, tailored to the role your employees play in stakeholder processes: from board members to project, stakeholder and communication managers, often in mixed groups.

For some organizations, we work with co-trainers from their own organization. These co-trainers have been trained by us and often become ambassadors for applying the SSE method throughout the organisation. Apart from saving costs, this method is particularly valuable when it comes to further embedding the SSE mindset into the organization once the training is completed.

We are more than happy to discuss the many training options with you. Please contact
Janneke Eberson.

"We had booked a multi-day SSE course, but because of the Coronavirus we were unable to meet in person. WesselinkVanZijst transformed our training course into a digital one in no time, so that we were able to continue. It has been an excellent experience!"


Under our Negotiation & Public Service label, we provide negotiation training to diplomats, civil servants and employees of international (non-profit) organizations. We use the experience and expertise from our Negotiation & Public Service network, which consists of seasoned negotiators and trainers in the field of conflict, climate, commerce (trade) and other themes in international relations.


Working and learning remotely are entirely normal nowadays. We offer online training and deploy our own professional online learning platform. This includes basic and in-depth training, complete with simulations and group assignments!

Online training courses require a different approach than training in a conference center. First of all, the program must be tailored to the participants' attention span. This is why we divide online training courses into shorter, interactive blocks to discuss the theory and play simulations. In between blocks, participants work in smaller groups on assignments, which are then discussed in plenary sessions. Depending on the duration of the training, the blocks are sometimes spread across several days.
This approach also places different demands on our trainers: familiarizing themselves with the technological aspects, providing structure, and encouraging interaction. All our trainers are actively involved in the development of our online training offering.

Finally, online training places different demands on participants as well. After all, learning to work with online tools, online interaction, and working together in groups are very different from being together in the same room. That is why we have opted for a very user-friendly learning platform, and why we start each training course by paying attention to the technology and the 'discipline' that is required for a successful program.
We are more than happy to discuss the many options with you. Please contact Janneke Eberson.


After attending a training course, clients often feel they need some support from our trainers, particularly with more extensive and complex issues. We offer coaching 'on the job', to individuals as well as project teams.

Stakeholder Engagement is a profession in and of itself. Although a training course may lay the foundation, developing sufficient knowledge and skills will require some 'flying hours'. Having the opportunity to draw on our trainers' many years of practical experience, as a team or as an individual project or environment manager, can then be valuable.

Coaching programs are always tailor-made, depending on the issue and the learning needs. Having the coach ask the right questions is paramount, so that you can continue to develop in looking at your own reality through an MGA/SSE lens and spotting new opportunities for managing the interests around a project or assignment.

We offer guidance on-site at the client's, at our office in Driebergen, by telephone, or via video conferencing.
We would be more than happy to discuss the many options with you. Please contact
Janneke Eberson.