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Knowledge center MGA and SOM

WesselinkVanZijst has developed into a knowledge center for our field of expertise. Being the designers of SOM (issue and stakeholder management) and the web-based application SOM SET, we believe strongly that product development is needed to broaden and deepen the use of MGA in multi-stakeholder dialogue and dispute resolution in the Netherlands. We wrote two books about this topic, both in Dutch. All the books we collected over the past decades are now the core of our open library.

SOM SET, our online tool, facilitates many of the SOM products, like the issue report, the stakeholder report, the tension barometer, the interest matrix and the argument overview list. Please look at our website

SOM/MGA library

Our library of books and articles on stakeholder and issue management, and negotiation has grown over the years. In 2014 we decided to open the library for interested third parties, like students, interns, clients and colleagues.


WesselinkVanZijst developed SOM SET, a web-based application to facilitate the issue and stakeholder management of their project or program. Working together, bei t in different locations or witj different devices, SOM SET collects it all-in real time. The application generates overviews of the interests at stake and of potential tension between stakeholders. SOM SET is currently used at  one Dutch ministry, several cities (The Hague and Amsterdam), water boards, provinces and companies.