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Highway 24

To increase road capacity in the Greater Rotterdam area national and regional  authorities have decided to build a new tunnel between highway 20 on the north bank of the river and highway 15 on the south bank. Two alternative route options were compared on costs and benefits. The authorities decided in favor of the Blankenburg-option, a tunnel close to Vlaardingen city, the future highway 24. From 2011 to 2015 Hans van Zijst assisted the project organization as a senior advisor on stakeholder and issue management, both internally and externally. During this period he negotiated three agreements between federal and regional authorities. He advised the organization on questions of public and professional participation. This assignment was concluded at the time of the draft decision of the minister of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Simultaneously Hans van Zijst was commissioned by the former Regional Authority of Rotterdam (now:  MRDH) to advise on the regional development of the area around the new highway. He negotiated the development of a quality program designing the landscape around Highway 24, working with federal, regional and local parties. He wrote the agreement including the financial paragraph, that was agreed and signed by all parties.

The parallel execution of both advisory projects shows the independent role that WesselinkVanZijst is allowed to play in a situation where different levels of government have diverse (in many cases contrary) interests.