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Highway 24

To increase road capacity in the Greater Rotterdam area national and regional  authorities have decided to build a new tunnel between highway 20 on the north bank of the river and highway 15 on the south bank. Two alternative route options were compared on costs and benefits. The authorities decided in favor of the Blankenburg-option, […]

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Policy development at ministries

Several Dutch ministries and central agencies took benefit from our experience in negotiation and strategic stakeholder engagement to steer the direction of their policy development. In many cases this includes training staff and coaching individuals in the preparation, design and operationalization of the proposed change. Since 2014 we use our web application SOM SET to […]

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Highway 69

The Province of Brabant invited WesselinkvanZijst to facilitate a 24–party dialogue on the redevelopment of Highway 69, south of the city of Eindhoven. The main task was to amalgamate the need to reroute this highway out of the city center of the township of Valkenswaard, while at the same time protecting agricultural and environmental values […]

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High water protection

The 23 water boards of the Netherlands together manage all water issues in their region, both qualitative and quantitative. As part of their work they will have to reinforce over 400 miles of dikes and barriers, both along the coast and the main rivers. This huge task calls for careful dialogue with many interests of […]

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Highway 4

After more than 40 years of political debate the planning of highway 4 between the cities of Delft and Schiedam came to conclusion with the final cabinet decision in September 2010. Being the number 1 political issue on the wish list of Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings the final decision was reached after three years of […]

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Rotterdam harbor extension

WesselinkVanZijst developed large parts of its methodology in cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam authority during the crucial years of decision making on the harbor extension Maasvlakte 2. As their stakeholder engagement manager, Marc Wesselink entered the project organization after another defeat in administrative court. Using dialogue as the main form of engagement with third […]

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Wesselink van Zijst

Oil and gas projects

Oil and gas activities are very visible in the small country side of the Netherlands, even if these are off-shore. Gas extraction causes earth quakes in the northern parts of the country, raising serious questions about the future of extraction on land. Injecting CO2 in the empty underground gas caves as part of national climate […]

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