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Rooting MGA and SOM in your organization

An increasing number of organization experience that their stakeholder engagement is lacking the necessary results, that managing relations is more than the annual Christmas card and that unmanaged relations do not work in the case of immediate actions. In our day and age organizations in the public and the private sector have to earn their license to grow (and change) by being a proactive, responsible player in their community. A trustworthy and solid image is increasingly important, in the short term and the long term. Credibility is gained very slowly, but can be gone in an instant. Keeping credibility is not achieved by a communication strategy or a nice website; it is hard work, investing in relationships and aligning your interest with interests of concerned parties in your environment.

WesselinkVanZijst has developed a tool (SOM Staircase) to analyze your current status and your prospected credibility target (organization scan). Together we define a roadmap for the coming years in changing from the current to a future position.