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WesselinkVanZijst: Strong in professional issue and stakeholder management

WesselinkVanZijst apply the SOM-method, named after the Dutch abbreviation of issue and stakeholder management, developed by Marc Wesselink. SOM consists of four elements:

  1. Work on the basis of a vision, the Mutual Gains Approach, developed by Fisher and Ury in their bestseller ‘Getting to Yes’. Important elements are the difference between positions and interests, and the sincere interest in the needs of third parties.
  2. Work along a solid methodology (the SOM-method) in order to be pro-active and trustworthy. The method provides for solutions that are sensitive to the long-term relationship with third party organizations.
  3. Teach and train professionals to apply MGA and SOM in their daily work.
  4. Root the principles of MGA and SOM in the veins of your organization to ensure that all organizational impact on third parties is managed according to these principles.

WesselinkVanZijst is happy to advise prospective clients on the application of these four elements in their projects, programs and organization-at-large. Resulting in more internal and external approval of changes in policy, less costs due to better understanding and approval, and –more importantly- on time due to pro-active management of third party interests.