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WesselinkVanZijst negotiates on behalf of clients, be it one party in a dispute, or all parties in the dispute. We negotiate according to the Mutual Gains Approach. We provide chairmanship, assist in finding creative possibilities and forge opportunities into an acceptable deal. We write agreements and edit decision documents. We also offer inside advise for a single party in dispute resolution, leaving the actual negotiations to the client.

Cutting the package deal

One particular service of WesselinkVanZijst is the package deal. In multi-issue negotiations stakeholders tend to be strong on one point and more lenient on another. If your negotiation is such a complex myriad of single issues decisions that have to build up to an acceptable outcome, cutting a package deal is an interesting option. If the Euro can only be spend once or the territory may only have one new destination, it is wise to list issues, possible solutions, and match these together on the basis of willingness to accept. In the event of several scenarios for an acceptable outcome, the negotiations can then focus on these scenarios.