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Issue and stakeholder analysis and stakeholdermanagement

Issue analysis

WesselinkVanZijst offers issue analysis, in-depth analysis of themes and topics that need resolution as part of a change challenge. We put great emphasis on such criteria as complexity, media interest, emotion or relation with other issues. The result is presented in an issue report, that includes arguments used by third parties on the pros and cons of each issue.

Stakeholder analysis

WesselinkVanZijst offers stakeholder analysis. For every issue we investigate the third parties which are involved, making an inventory of their arguments, positions and interests. Through our multi-perspective looking glass we create a complete vision of these stakeholders. We attach great importance to such aspects as emotion, power, reliability (forecasting probable behavior), negotiation skills. The stakeholder report puts it all together, providing the basis for the strategy in dealing with this particular stakeholder. The report includes the reports of earlier encounters and registers the promises and agreements you make in the process of engagement with this stakeholder. 

Stakeholder management

WesselinkVanZijst assists you in managing the relations with all stakeholders, be it in a project, a program or for the organization as-a-whole. Based on our analysis and your goals we will execute a stakeholder engagement plan that aims at strengthening the long-term relation between your organization and your stakeholders. Most organizations deal with the same stakeholders and the same persons time and time again. Problematic actions in the past create obstacles fir the future. If you have a new issue this may pose to be a huge problem. We prefer an integral and comprehensive approach towards relationships that are crucial for your license to grow or change. Building trust as we go.