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Our Team

Marc Wesselink (WesselinkVanZijst)

Marc Wesselink


Marc Wesselink has been in management consultancy since the late ‘80s. He won the esteemed ROA-award ‘Best consultancy assignment of the year’ for the Maasvlakte 2 project (Rotterdam harbor extension) . His Handbook for Issue and Stakeholder Management (in Dutch only) was released in 2010. He teaches at several Dutch universities and private post-graduate organizations.…

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Hans van Zijst (WesselinkVanZijst)

Hans van Zijst

Director / Partner

Hans van Zijst is an experienced process manager. He is a senior advisor to many public sector organizations. He has practiced issue and stakeholder management in infrastructure projects like Highway 4, Highway 24 and the Rotterdam harbor extension Maasvlakte 2. He co-authored Connecting in Trust (in Dutch only) in 2008. He teaches at several Dutch…

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Monique Broekhoff - Senior Adviseur Strategisch OmgevingsManagement

Monique Broekhoff

Senior consultant Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Monique combines her expertise on motivational, behavioral and strategic communication with her knowledge of interest management. As a senior consultant, she guides organizations on complex change management challenges. Based on her experience as a communications professional, she combines the internal and external point of view (for example in stakeholder behavior).  To her, the combination of…

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Mart Scheepers


Mart Scheepers is advisor issue and stakeholder management. He studies conflict resolution at the University of Amsterdam and subsequently worked in this field. He assisted Marc and Hans in several assignments for the Port of Rotterdam, the city of Amsterdam an d the city of The Hague.

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Jeroen Medema

Consultant Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Having a strategic management and business oriented background, Jeroen prefers to look at organizations and organizational problems in a broad perspective. He is particularly interested in the interaction between organizations and the mutual focus on their relationship.

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Eric van Vliet

Senior Advisor Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Eric van Vliet is a senior advisor Strategic Stakeholder Engagement, and has a lot of experience in the areas of environment, energy and waste management. Eric has ample political and administrative sensitivity. He is sincerely interested in the interests of individuals and organizations in political challenges, change processes and negotiations. Eric is an important communicator,…

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Ard Hordijk

Senior Advisor Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Ard Hordijk is a partner at Synnervate and a senior advisor at WesselinkVanZijst. He likes to work on strategic stakeholder engagement projects, multi stakeholder collaborations and systemic transitions using the Mutual Gains Approach and Spiral Dynamics. His preferred areas of work are sustainable development, biodiversity and ecosystems and improving the sustainability of food chains. Ard…

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Janneke Eberson

Office manager

Janneke Eberson takes care of our back office. She takes care of our educational activities and the general administration of WesselinkVanZijst.

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