Gratis webinar Self-Knowledge as a source of power in negotiations

14 april 2021
The MGA network is pleased to announce a series of free monthly webinars. Get inspired by the insights
of prominent experts in the Mutual Gains Approach and participate actively in the conversation.
The free monthly webinars started in March. The third webinar in the series is:

Self-knowledge as a source of power in negotiations by Barbara Oliveira on Monday May 10, 2021 - from 19.30 to 20.30

A negotiation environment is a setting marked by lack of control. Even if we prepare well and draw scenarios, there is little control over the outcome or the other parties behaviour. The one element over which we "may" have or assert some control is ourselves: by knowing and owning our baggage, our preferences, our biases, weaknesses and strengths, we are able to join in negotiations more fully and less at the mercy of where the wind blows. The webinar will introduce ways to build key competences in self-leadership and think of one's "development edge" as a fun, inspiring and moving new frontier for all negotiators.

Barbara Oliveira is a lawyer, thought leader, process designer and facilitator, and professional mediator in socio-environmental conflict transformation. She is a Master Integral Coach and member of the CBI Global network and holds a PhD and a Masters in International Law and International Dispute Settlement. Throughout her career, she has supported more than 2500 leading organizations and leaders in cracking wicked problems and devising sustainable solutions on themes of sustainable development, supply chains, biodiversity, climate change, energy transitions, human organizations, globally. In the Netherlands, she runs the Collaboration Laboratory supporting leaders and organizations in their efforts to develop and implement collaborative solutions, policies and strategies.

Practical information
The speaker will introduce and explain the topic using personal insights. Next, two reviewers (members of the MGA network whose names will be announched before the webinar) will give a short reaction, including comments and questions posted by webinar participants in the chat. Questions can also be asked in advance. We would like to receive this via before Wednesday May 4. After the webinar (20.30), there is room for informal discussion and networking.
The language of this webinar is English. Attendance is free. Registration is per webinar only. After a webinar, you can register for the next one.

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Next webinar
Monday June 7, 19.30 to 20.30 | English: Resolving Land and Energy Conflicts by Patrick Field, Managing director of CBI and associate director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program.

These webinars are organised by the MGA netwerk and sponsores by P2, Antea Group en WesselinkVanZijst.