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Webinar over conflict, cultuur en democratie

Onze dierbare vriend, inspirator en netwerkpartner Ashok Panikkar, Founder and Principal Consultant of Metaculture, organiseert een serie van 12 wekelijkse webinars over conflict, cultuur en democratie. Dit is zeker een aanrader. Meer informatie vind je hieronder en via deze link

Our dear friend, inspirator and network partner Ashok Panikkar, Founder and Principal Consultant of Meta-Culture DEMO SAPIENS (A Metaculture Project) is looking for participants who are interested in actively engaging with our democracy, politics and culture in a well-informed, thoughtful and mature manner. The webinar is conveniently designed to accommodate most time zones. It is brought to you in association with Mediators Beyond Borders International and the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (Stanford University).

Schedule of classes: 12 Consecutive Thursdays  starting February 27th and ending Thursday, May 14. Timing: 10 am EST to 11:30 am EST.